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The Wineyard

Just aside of the historic Villa Rinaldi, under the shadow of the ancient fortress; surrounded by green hills of Asolo, there lies our vineyard : straight and well cultivated rows. The green grass is moved only by the gentle breeze, and the fresh air brings with it the scent of ripe grapes . Scent and flavors that haven’t changed in generations : those who pass by find peace and flavors, with heart full of happyness and the desire to return, one day.


The basic variety for the production of Prosecco is the glera , whose grapes must constitute at least 85 % of the total. Our soils are excellent for the cultivation of vineyards , as well exposed and drained ( not allowed soils with high water availability or peat ) . The cultivation techniques and plant are “classic ” and do not cause changes to the quality of grapes and wine. The product of such scruples is a wine of excelent quality, fully respecting the environment .


Photos made with drone

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